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Natural, Alcohol free, No Rinsing. Kills 99.99% of bacteria.

Non caustic No SLS or phosphates No animal testing No propyl or glycol Readily Biodegradable surfactants AST 4351 Septic & Sewerage safe ready2go Foaming Hand Sanitiser Mandarin or unscented is citrus based and kills 99.99% bacteria, is alcohol free and non flammable and safe for all the family to use. Keep ready2go 50ml in your handbag, the car, picking up the kids from school use ready2go before they have a snack. ready2go 300ml in the house or the office for use at all times to sanitise hands while going about daily taks. Help keep sick days to a minimum by using ready2go when in contact with anyone who has a cold or flu. enviroCare ready2go is benzalkonium chloride free and needs no rinsing after use to give you a longer lasting protection from bacteria. enviroCare ready2go has been tested under TGA conditions to BSEN 1276:1997 Hand sanitiser conditions and achieved 99.99% kill for e coli, staphylococcus aureus and listeria monocytogenes. A much safer alternative to alcohol and benzalkonium based hand sanitisers. ready2go takes a bit longer to dry on your hands after application as it is not alcohol based but the benefits of not drying out your skin nor coming into contact with harsh alcohol based or benzalkonium based products is much kinder to your skin whilst having the effect of killing bacteria.


Price: $8.95


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